Dialogue 1: Jose (Tony) Cruz


Etymology: Middle English dialoge, from Anglo-French dialogue, from Latin dialogus, from Greek dialogos, from dialegesthai to converse, from dia- + legein to speak

1.  a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing

2 a : a conversation between two or more persons; also : a similar exchange between a person and something else (as a computer) b : an exchange of ideas and opinions (organized a series of dialogues on human rights) c : a discussion between representatives of parties to a conflict that is aimed at resolution (a constructive dialogue between loggers and environmentalists)
3 : the conversational element of literary or dramatic composition (very little dialogue in this film)
4 : a musical composition for two or more parts suggestive of a conversation

dialogues is a new exhibition program at espacio 1414 which will include educational exhibits related to the main exhibitions or project rooms in which artists, already represented in the collection, will be invited to present new work in the form of a project room. This may imply the selection of works from the collection by the artists and integrated into their exhibition proposal, establishing a dialogue between the works and shedding a different perspective on the works from the collection.

For this first edition of dialogues at espacio 1414, José (Tony) Cruz presents a series of works, some recent and others specifically produced for this exhibition, that explore ideas related to the concepts of the index and the imprint. In diverse and unexpected ways, the works presented by Cruz materialize the line, the measure and the indexical register and engage in “conversation” with the works by GEGO, Gabriel Orozco and Danica Phelps that Cruz has selected for this project.


(Del lat. dialŏgus, y este del gr. διάλογος).

1. m. Plática entre dos o más personas, que alternativamente manifiestan sus ideas o afectos.

diálogos es un nuevo programa expositivo del espacio 1414 en el marco del cual se invitará a artistas ya presentes en la colección a presentar un proyecto que implique la selección por parte del artista de algunas obras de la colección que serán integradas a su propuesta y lecturas posibles de las obras en la colección. Para esta primera edición diálogos en el espacio 1414, Tony Cruz presenta una serie de trabajos, algunos recientes, otros inéditos, que exploran ideas relativas a la huella y el índice. La línea, la regla, la medida y el registro se desarrolla de distintas maneras en las obras presentadas aquí y entran en franca “conversación” con obras de Gabriel Orozco, Gego y Danica Phelps que Cruz ha seleccionado para esta ocasión.



Dialogue 1: Jose (Tony) Cruz

Sep 1, 2005 – Jan 1, 2006